Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving Break is HERE!!!!

This week was a LONG one!!! The anticipation of a week out of school and a trip to MS made it DRAG by!!! We were SuPeR excited to get out of school today! We said goodbye to lunch boxes, backpacks, bedtimes, and homework and we are PUMPED!!!
 Yesterday at school, we had a Thanksgiving meal in the lunch room ~ Mary Dalton ordered a plate filled with turkey, dressing, green beans, roll, cranberry and banana pudding...Jax took a lunchable! ha!
Mary Dalton wanted to wear her smocked turkey dress ~ I asked her is she was sure and she said
"Mama! You HAVE to dress for Thanksgiving lunch!"
hmmm.....looks like I HAVE taught her SOMETHING! ;)
She was all decked out with her tights and sequin boots, too!
 Jackson's teacher "surprised" them with a fun filled day of Thanksgiving activities and a pow-wow!
The had face painting, made head dressed, necklaces, and vests!
What a fun surprise! :)
 Mary Dalton went home with her sweet friend Marti Ann today! I was going to meet them at the football game, but this mama was WORN OUT and I have not been feeling so hot so I opted to stay at home! I called to let Mary D know that I would pick her up and the girls QUICKLY told me that MDD was going to spend the night. I reminded her she didn't have bandit (a raccoon she HAS to sleep with) and she said,
"hmmmm.... (SILENCE.) I will call Daddy. He will bring him to me."
I said, "Daddy isn't home."
She said,
"Looks like I'm coming home!"
I took her things...and Bandit to a friend who was going to the game! Made Little Priss VERY happy to get to stay with Marti Ann!
Jackson and I have been home alone and we get along like peas and carrots ~ we eat cereal, read, and sleep...2 of a kind I tell you!!!
We have a pretty busy weekend before heading to MS to celebrate Thanksgiving week with our family there! Super Excited but MUCH to do until then! 

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