Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Wtih Jackson ~

Mary Dalton was asked to spend the night with a friend from school ~ her mom had LOTS of fun stuff planned for the girls ~ a trip to the movies, fair, art, cooking, etc. I just was NOT up to weekend company, but hated for Jackson to feel left out, so after school we made a stop by ingles for some fun treats!
1st up ~ we used his Star Wars cookie stamps and made cookies...they actually worked REALLY well! I let him to EVERYTHING all by himself! He did a good job!
 He was very patient and wanted all of his cookies perfect...wonder where he gets that from???
 While his cookies were baking, we made palydough. I have not done this in a LONG time, but it is cheap and easy...and he loved it!
 While the cookies cooled and he finished the playdough I was able to get in a run on the treadmill ~ 5 miles in 52 minutes! That is not fast to "real" runners, but for me that is AMAZING! I was pretty proud!
 He divided his playdough up and added coloring ~
 And then he played and played and played!!! We also bought a movie at Ingles ~ Vampire Dog, he enjoyed that a lot too! My friend Shana called and asked him to go to the movies with her kids. I wanted to see The Odd Life of Timothy Green, but knew Mary D was going and she would DIE if showed up! SOOOOO....Jackson went with Shana and I was home alone for 2 hours! Thanks Shana!!! :)
 We slept til about 8:30 Saturday morning ~ we made pancakes and he decorated his cookies...and watched his movie AGAIN while I ran!
 They turned out REALLY cute and they were SOOOO yummy!! We have eaten them all already!
 Mary Dalton came home SAturday night around 6 and Jackson started saying he didn't feel well ~ I checked his temp and he had almost 103...not other symptoms that stuffy nose. I am thinking it is a sinus infection ~ fever broke late Saturday night but we stayed home from church today to be on teh safe side!
We met Dalton at the farm for lunch ~ the kids LOVE it when he buys groceries ~ OREOS, jelly beans AND Cookies?!?! See why he is the favorite parent?? ;)
 Dalton showed the kids how to start a fire with a magnifying glass...not sure that was such a good idea, but they were VERY impressed!!!
 Dalton cooked his famous burgers and the kids rode the 4 wheeler and golf cart until it started to rain! We came home and are taking it easy and getting ready for another week of fun!
**I almost forgot....the kids got their report cards and they both had GREAT grades!!! Pics to come later! :)

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