Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fair 2012 & 1st Dance of the Year!!!

When you live in a tiny town, small things are a BIG deal ~ for example the fair.
It is SO gross and nasty but EVERYONE goes....and has a BLAST!
Our kids were beyond excited!!!

Mary Dalton's dance group danced so we got there early with costumes in tow ~ you aren't a good dance mom until you change costumes mulitple times in a trailer with no lights! ;) 
 Jackson was excited to see Mallie and had already informed me that they "Had a date at the ferris wheel at 8" ~ not too sure what kind of date, but he was excited about it!
 Mary Dalton had her own cheering section ~ Mike, Gigi and Sallie Ann came to cheer her on!!!
 1st up was their recreational team ~ the dance was SO cute! It was  Born to be Wild ~ PRECIOUS!
 After that dance, we changed and got ready for Mary Dalton's solo ~ 9 to 5. I have to admit I was a bit nervous ~ there were a lot of people there and I wasn't sure how she would react....well never fear...girlfriend put on a show! I was SUPER proud of her!!! She did a great job!
Their competition team danced to I Hate Boys ~ Super cute too!!!
 After dancing, we headed to the rides...
 They found LOTS of friends to play and ride with!
 Maggie and Mary Dalton
 Jackson SO wanted this to be wasn't quite working right...and he was NOT happy he wasted $5 on this!!!
 Mary Dalton spent her $5 on a game and won this LOVELY ball I got the priveldge of carrying all night! LOVE this pic ~ My friend Tammy does NOT do the fair!!! I have NEVER EVER seen her at the fair...HAD to get a pic! ha!
 Can't go tot eh fair without a funnel cake!!!
 Right before we left, they decided to do this big kid ride...I wasn't so sure about it...
 Somewhere in those spinning lights are my babies!!!
They LOVED it!!!
It was a super fun night, we were 11 getting the kids in bed! YIKES!!!
You can imagine the joy around here today! Early baths and bedtimes are inour VERY near future!!!

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