Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Our LONG weekend!!!

We have had the last 2 days off of school and I have enjoyed it SOOOO much!!!
Monday, we spent some time at home before heading to an extra dance practice ~
Mary Dalton is doing her solo at the fair Wednesday night and she is SUPER excited! They are doing a dance called "I hate Boys" and she is really pumped about that, too!!! While she was in practice, Jackson and I ran some errands!
 After dance, we went to Augusta to see Hotel Translyvania  ~ It was super cute!!!
 Jax was on a sugar HIGH from eating a large box of sour patch watermelons! Ahhhh!!!!
After the movie, we ate pizza and then headed home. Today, I worked on laundry ~ and MD and I got hair cuts and I hot highlights...with BOTH kids with me...anything but a peaceful trip to the salon!
After lunch, we planted pansies and I made a big pot of red beans and rice before heading back to dance practice with Mary Dalton! Dalton was home tonight so he and Jax went to the farm while I took MD to dance...an hour of peace! :)
Jackson finally grew into his "big" bike and has been riding ALL over the neighborhood today!
We are enjoying the cooler weather and are excited about a 3 day week til the weekend! :)

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