Sunday, October 7, 2012

Birmingham Weekend Getaway at the "Holliday Inn"

We were super excited to go see Aunt Tasha and her family this weekend! I have NEVER been able to do weeekend trips to see my family, so since my sister moved to Birmingham, I have been dying to go see her and her new house! Since we have a long weekend, we planned a trip!
We got there Friday night and Mary Dalton was SUPER excited about pizza delivery ~ my poor children call it "room service" not delivery! We live in a TINY town and no one delivers so this is a treat for them! The pizza boy was suepr sweet about posing! ;)
 The pizza was SO good!!! Wish I had some now!
 We enjoyed catching up and visiting Friday night ~ Saturday morning, Tasha made a honeybun cake ` 2 of Jackson's favorite foods! He was in heaven!!!
 Zachary was so sweet to play with him and take him outside and keep him entertained!
Uncle Jay was even sweeter to take BOTH boys to Bass Pro so the girls could shop! Shopping with boys is the pits!!!
 We enjoyed fun shopping!!!
 We had a delicious lunch at a bakery ~ Edgar's ~ it was soooo yummy!!!
My sweet mama was looking too cute in her chevron top!
 Tasha is like a nana to my babies...they LOVE her ~ and of course Mary Dalton idolizes emily! And she is a GREAT role model for her to have!
 LOVE her so much!!! She is SO much fun and truly one of the FUNNIEST andn FUNNEST people you will ever meet! She is a nut!
 We were in HEAVEN shopping at The Summit ~ Mary Dalton had a blast! We had yogurt and headed was getting COLD!
 The kids played outside until the rain started...they found some crafts to make!
 I LOVED her new house! This is her view from the bottom deck ~ so woodsy! I felt like we were in a cabin in the mountains ~ but we were just a few mins from all the fun things to do!
 It started to rain and we bundled up on the deck and relaxed...I enjoyed holding this sweet boy and hearing about his trip to Bass Pro with Uncle Jay!
 Saturday night, Tasha did a Taco Bar and the kids had a BLAST helping set it up! Supper was delicious and then it was bath time! Jackson filled the tub ALLLL the way up!!!
 Mary Dalton talked Aunt Tasha in to giving her a make over! She was looking wayyyy too old for me! Where in the world did my baby go!??!
 Sunday morning, we went to church with her ~ they go to Briarwood Presbyterian Church and let me say...I WISH I did! It was amazing! The music was just a glimpse to me of what heaven will be like ~ full orchestra! Mary Dalton called it a "band" ~ the kids went to Children's Worship and wanted to go back! My sister works as the elementary principal at the church/school ~ it is like a community all in one it and check it out ~ AMAZING!!!
 Before church, we got a quick tour of the school and Aunt Tasha's office ~ Mary Dalton wanted to see her paddle! ha!!! Jackson wanted NO part of that ~ too close to home for him! ;)
 After church, we had DELICIOUS potoato soup and cake ~ loaded up and got on the road...
These babies were WORN OUT!!! Jackson slept the first 3 hours of the trip!!!
 Even Mary Dalton & Julie were worn out!!!
We got home, bathed and unloaded AND unpacked before 8:30! It was SUCH A fun weekend and I am SO thankful to have her closer....5 hours is SO much more "do-able" than 8!!!
Thanks Hollidays for opening the "Holliday Inn" for us! We enjoyed it more than you will ever know! 

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