Thursday, October 4, 2012

Back to the Swing of Things!!!

I am SO glad to report that Mary Dalton is FINALLY feeling better! She was not feeling good for about a week before we went to the doctor, so she has really not been herself for two full weeks. This was the first morning she seemed "like herself!" She stayed home Monday but has been back to school since. I was SO proud of how mature she was with her make up work ~ she did it all without complaining and didn't want me to check it...and I didn't. She is so growny!
 This little firecracker enjoyed playing at the park yesterday while Mary D. was at dance. We stopped by and got his friend and his older brother for some entertainment! ;) They had the BEST time! We started at one park, then when they were tired of that one, we moved to another one! I was able to get my Chemistry exams graded while they played, so it worked out perfectly!!!
The picture below CRACKS me up! We went to Dairy Lane (the BEST place to get a burger)  in Sandersville and JAx was PUMPED because he saw The Statue of Liberty!!! Never mind she is missing a hand! ha!
 Mary Dalton is performing her solo at the fair next week and she is SO excited about it! It has turned out super cute and I can't wait to see her perform it! :) After dance, we ate at DQ then headed home to pack for our weekend trip to Birmingham! The kids and I are out of school Monday and Tuesday so we are going to see my sister this weekend and Nana is meeting us there! We can't wait!!!

Happy Thursday!!! 

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