Friday, September 28, 2012

My "Magic" Weight Loss Pill!

Kelly's Korner is featuring a linkup for Direct Sales today! I started selling V3 in February, after taking it for one month and losing 12 lbs in 4 weeks! What woman doesn't want to lose weight, more energy and be a better mood??? Hmmm...I don't know many! V3 can do all those things and it is ALL NATURAL and doesn't cause that jittery feeling!
 When we married, I think I weighed about 125 (I am 5'6) ~ I gained about 10-15 lbs the 1st 4 years we were married ~ young and in we ate out A LOT (and it was fun!)
 I had 2 babies 17 months apart and lost back down to around the 140 mark, but over time the pounds started to creep up...nothing major...I remember thinking...Oh 5 lbs. I can drop that! Then 5 became 10 and so on...
 I was not satisfied with the way I looked and even worse I FELT bad but did not even realize it. I was tired and didn't WANT to exercise.
I started my V3 journey on January 3rd. It is one capsule, you take it as soon as you get up with a glass of water. Drink as much water as you can through out the day. That's it. HOWEVER, you can't sit around and eat cupcakes all day...but if you make the SLIGHTEST adjustments it WORKS!
I am down 37 lbs and went from a 12 to a 4! I passed my first "goal weight" ~ went for a second, then a third! I am now just mainting where I am! V3 gave me the energy I needed to work out and the POWER not to crave sweets, carbs, etc.
There is no weird diet to follow, shakes, etc. Eat normallly ~ it just takes away cravings and appetite!
I NEVER EVER thought I could lose the amount of weight I have lost on V3! I am a Director for their wonderful company and have met so many great people!
I recently polled 10 ladies who have taken v3 for longer than 5 months ~ All together the weight loss was 247 lbs! Average of 25 lbs a month!
There are SO many success stories about V3 and how it not only helps you lose weight and have energy, but how people with ADHD, dibetes, HBP, etc have had success with it!
(Look at Facebook for V3 Success Stories!)
The money that I have made has also been a HUGE plus ~ I have a whole new wardrobe after losing close to 40 lbs! :)
 Please check out my page for a list of ingredients and more information!
Feel free to email me at ~ subject V3 (so I don't delete it!)


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