Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sick Baby Girl ~

Mary Dalton has just not been herself the past week or so ~ yesterday at school she looked PITIFUL and I saw her in the lunchroom and she had her head on the table. I decided to check her temp even though she didn't feel that warm ~ it was 103! I checked it with several thermometers and they all read 103, or close to it.
We got to the Dr around  1:30 and she tested positive for strep ~ my guess as to what was wrong with her. She also was very concerned with her heartrate and oxygen levels and ordered a chest xray. Sweet Dr. Brandy ordered an iv and Mary D. was SO dehydrated that she had to have 3 bags of fluid and she also got some antiboitics in her iv. 
She of course wanted her Daddy....and he came and never left her side.
SO thankful that my children have the BEST Daddy!!! 
After 4 long hours, they let us go home with instructions to drink LOTS of fluids ~ 72 oz before the next dat at lunch. When Jackson got home, he made her this card ~ with $10...his tooth fairy money. How PRECIOUS is that?!?!
I love the part that says " I am glad you are you!" 
Last night was not as bad as it has been in the past when she had pneumonia...but we were still up a good portion of the night. This morning I thought we were on the road to recovery. We saw the Dr. and she got another shot and it has been downhill from there. Her fever is back and the medicine made her throw up ~ after we worked SO hard to get her to eat and drink! She has just been pitiful...apologizing for being sick, apologizing for making me miss work, etc. Dalton tried to get her to take the medicine and he didn't have any luck th e1st time...then he decided to put it in a spoon full of sugar and she took it like a champ!!! Woohoo!!! We are keeping our fingers crossed that it stays down and starts working!
Brandy told me today that she was the sickest she has ever been and it may take her 2 to 3 weeks to fully recover. We are staying home tomorrow, but she should be able to go to school Monday as long as she doesn't have fever this weekend.
I am BEYOND thankful for such a sweet Dr who takes such good care of my babies!! 
They are so precious....I took this Monday night...hope she wasn't contagious then! ;) We have a rx for Jackson "just in case!"

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