Monday, September 24, 2012

Super FUN Weekend with LOTS of PICS!!!

We had the BEST weekend ~ other than Mary D. having the "crud" it was PERFECT!!
Friday, we left school a little early and went to Augusta ~ we painted pottery, ate at Mellow Mushroom and made a fun trip to Walmart ~ where they both bought art supplies. We ended the fun with a trip to our favorite ` Tutti Fruitti!!! SO much fun!!! Sweet Mary Dalton left this note on my bed ~ how SWEET is that?!?!
 Saturday morning, we woke up and made Cinnamon Toast Crunch Muffins ~ kids picked them out at Walmart ~ they were GOOD!!!
 After we ate, I got my run in and then we got read for ~
They had the BEST time painting their cavases and picture frames they bought!
 This kept them busy and quiet for HOURS!!! Really ~ at least 3!!!
 Mary Dalton's finished projects ~
 My friend Michelle that did Mary Dalton's party has a studio now and does paintings at her house...I really started something with that painting party around here!!! Anyway ~ I wanted to paint the witch's feet but could never work it didn't want to pay $30 and it by ugly!!! Well lo and behold...I did one at home on my own!!! :)
No where near perfect, but pretty good for no instruction!
 Jackson's finished projects....
 After we cleaned up, we had lunch and then went to the was SO pretty!!!
 They played together SO nicely and I was able to read my whole Southern Living!!!
 Saturday night was ROUGH ~ Dalton & I went to an engagement party ~ right before we left...Jackson dove off the bed and hit the floor...knocked the air out of him and he did not feel good for the rest of the night. Mary Dalton woke up at 1 and was up til 4 coughing!
SOMEHOW ~ we managed to be at Sunday School ON TIME! After church, the kids went to a painting party at Michelle's studio.
 Mary Dalton was excited one of her dance friends was there!
 I snuck in and took some pics ~ I sat outside and was HEAVENLY!!!
 After they painted the background, they got to have a snack and play while it dried...trampolines without nets and Jackson equal a DISASTER!!! He did jump for awhile, but thankfully it was time to finish!
 The girls...who fear injury stuck to the seesaw!
 Good Job Kids!!!
 Sunday night, we went to the cabin and Dalton fried the BEST fish and fries....oh my word!!! It was SOOOO good!!!
 We rode the 4wheeler while we waited on the fish!
This sweet little thing is growing up WAY too fast!!!
He is shooting his bow like a pro now!
 Mary Dalton decided to "perk up" when she found out a Dr. visit was on the agenda for Monday! All of the suddnen she was feeling better! AMAZING!!!
 LOVE this ~ this is Jax is his regular form...acting like a NUT!!!
(he was doing the robot!)
Everything about the weekend was super fun and wonderful! So blessed to have my sweet family!

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