Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day 2013

We were so excited that my parents were able to come spend Christmas Eve with us this year!
We made cookies before Nana and Pawpaw got there for Santa!
Big Daddy gave the kids PJs ~ and even got a pair for MD's AG doll Lexie! 

Jackson woke up at 4:50 a.m.!! YIKES!!! I kept him hemmed up in our room until 6 a.m. and then it was ON!!! Jackson was SUPER pumped about his gifts! LOVE this pictures!!!
Mary Dalton was OVER the MOON about getting McKenna!!! 

Jackson got The Claw, Scooter that shoots fire, telescope, remote control helicopter, and some other fun surprises!
Mary Dalton got AG doll, the RV for her AG dolls, cowgirls boots, clothes from Justice, and other goodies!
It was a great Christmas! 

We moved into the study and Santa left stockings there!!! 

After stockings, we opened the gifts in the sunroom ~ we got the kids a wii ~ ours broke and they were soooo pumped to get a new one!
Dalton bought them each a gift ~ Mary Dalton got a pandora bracelet and Jax got a new bow and arrow! 

I gave each of them a blanket made from their shirts when they were little ~ I LOVED the way they turned out!!! They seemed to like them! :) 
Mary Dalton's even has her 1st pair of ruffle panties!
LOVE it!!!

They both got several new shirts, underwear, and other pratical things from us! 

I managed to surprise this cutie with a new Drake jacket for duck hunting!!! Surprising him is NEAR impossible so I was excited about pulling this off!!! 
It was a wonderful day and I have LOTS more pics to post! My parents left on Thursday, but not before my sweet mama helped me put up ALL my Christmas decorations! How sweet was that?!?!
The kids handled the "goodbye" with ease because Nana got an ipad and can face time them now!
We had a fabulous time, but I am glad to have everything back in order and have some time to rest before we go back to school next week!

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