Saturday, December 29, 2012

More Christmas Pics ~

I have SO many pics from Christmas, but to save time, I am posting the ones from my iphone! Easy, Peasy and this Mama is WORN OUT!!! 

My parents gave the kids a wood burning kit and MONEY! $100 each! Mary Dalton's is burning a hole the size of TEXAS in her pocket, Jackson has his locked away in a secret safe they gave him!
MD's money was hooked under an umbrella and said "for a rainy day" Jax's was in balloons and he had to pop them to get the money! They loved it! 

We had to finish our advent tree ~ we got behind, so I enlisted Nana to finish talking about the names of Jesus and putting the ornaments on the tree ~ Jax was OVER it! 

Christmas day, we went to Dalton's parents house where MORE gifts were given! Mary Dalton got McKenna's bar and beam, 5 dresses and a coat! Jackson got an ipad, hamster "Mr Miggins" and a game. They both got Furby's and have had a BLAST teaching/training them! 

The best gift Mary Dalton & I got is coming up in a few weeks!!!
We are going to PARIS!!!!!
Dalton's mom and sister are going over for a month and we have a break from school later in January and after asking for a few extra days off I got the GREEN light!!! we are soooo excited!!! 
while we are away, the boys are trying to come up with some type of adventure!
Can't wait to see what comes of that! 

So thankful Suz got Mary Dalton a dress coat, she didn't have one and now she will be STYLING on our trip!!!

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