Monday, May 27, 2013

Fun at the Coast!!!

We had a trip to the coast this weekend! It's always a treat when we get to go!!! The kids were super excited that their cousin Olivia was there!!!
Jackson was excited that Olivia's new step brother was there....finally!!!! A boy to play in the mud with!!!
After a hard day if playing we enjoyed the BEST homemade strawberry ice cream!!
Sunday morning we had to make our trip to St Simons to eat at Southern Soul BBQ!! We tried the ribs this time and they were hands down the best we've e eat eaten!!!
We took a walk on the dock when we got back. A young guy was fishing and caught a shark...he caught 6 in all!!! He let jax hold it. We promised him next time we are there they we will fish!
We had a quick swim before heading home to celebrate Memorial Day at the pool and farm!!!

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