Friday, May 31, 2013

Memorial Day FUN & Some Random things....

We had the BEST day Monday~ The weather was perfect...the kids got along GREAT, the house was clean, we ate was just a good day!
I "let go" on my OCD and allowed the kids to do a cake for dessert...we SO cheated...I bought a pound cake at the whip for icing and fruit for the flag! No cooking! My kind of cake! It was REALLY good too!!!
I swear when these 2 are sweet, the are like sugar, but by the end of this week and I was threatening to send them to EVERY Vacation Bible School in a 30 mile radius if they did not get along, clean up, etc. (And yes, I know that is NOT very Christian like to threaten with VBS but my children hate have a very strong dislike for unorganized chaos with screaming children who don't mind, hotdogs, sugar cookies and watered down koolaid...and since their mama doesn't care much for it either...we don't go. It's ok...I know I will NEVER get mother of the biggie.
ANYWAY ~ we spent the afternoon in our FAVORITE place!!! The pool!!! They were still being VERY sweet and playing so well!
They are working on their cannon balls, dives and flips ~ Mary Dalton does a BEAUITFUL dive...those long legs are SO graceful! She is really good...and I can't dive to save my soul...neither can Dalton...but I taught her how to do it....pretty wild!!
Jackson is an GREAT swimmer and has a front flip down to an ART! MD is too scared to try, but he is trying his best to talk her into trying it! :)
But until then she chooses to "sassy jump" ~ imagine that!
After our swim, Dalton picked us up for a cook out at the farm!
( we are currently a one car family! Dalton's truck is in the shop...we are looking a HUGE and I mean HUGE we are trying our best to "make do" ~ it hasn't been too bad, but I start teaching summer school on Monday 20 miles from his office so we are gonna have to get REALLY imaginative to pull this one off!)
Dalton has gotten to be an OUTSTANDING chef!!! It's bad when we go out to eat and don't even like what we eat because it's not what he cooked! Monday night, we had fried fish/shrimp, plus some boiled shrimp, homemade fried and coleslaw...and cake! Sooooo good!!!
The kids LOVE drinking out of mason jars...
Our summer drink of choice is sweet tea made with Splenda and sugar free lemonade ~ mix them both up and pour equal parts in your glass! We drink GALLONS of this stuff a day! 10 calories for 8 oz and NO sugar!
Side note/story ~ Mary Dalton asked me this week if I ever "swapped spit" with Daddy???
I am pretty sure that the answer to this is NOT in ANY child rearing book I own/have read!
We were watching a movie and Jackson BUSTED out laughing at a part that was in no way even remotely funny...I asked him why he was laughing and he said because they said "mammogram" ~ I said what does that mean??? While laughing like a crazy person he answered "crotch!" hmmmm....
guess again?!? I just ignored him and laughed along!
After we ate the BEST supper, we went to show the kids a HUGE tree that had fallen at the farm!
I SO love this bad little man!
I know that this doesn't really LOOK that high, but the tree split in half and let me say it is HIGH!!!!
They were a little uneasy at first (so was I!) but got brave and had a BLAST!!!
This is what I deal with...tried to get a pic of MDD and she kept closing her eyes. I told her this was the LAST try and she poses like I am gonna save this for blackmail...
We had tree fun for about an hour and then the bugs came out and I was DONE!
It was a great start to our summer!!!!

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