Saturday, June 1, 2013

More Pics From Our Disney Cruise Vacation!!!!

I have finally had time to get my pics uploaded!!! As I said before we had the BEST time!!! anyone with kids ages 6-10 will LOVE this trip!!!!
 I learned last year that I packed WAY too much!!! We also did not book any port adventures while in the Bahamas ~ just enjoyed the boat!
 Best part...ICE CREAM all DAY and NIGHT!!!
 we tried to do some new things this year, but still did not get to everything we wanted to try/do! We did enjoy the arcade this year! we did this instead of swimming as soon as we boarded the ship! The pools are PACKED then and that makes me nervous! We opted for the arcade instead and it was empty!
 Love them so  much....
this pic of Jackson cracks me up! When we lived in MS Dalton brushed his teeth on the balcony of our apartment EVERY day! I told Jax to brush his teeth and he went on the balcony...guess it is in their "wiring!"

 They SO enjoyed the kids club!!! Jackson stayed there a LOT!!!

 He even opted to stay there and miss the pirate party/fireworks!!!
 It was great to have our friends on the same boat with us!!!
 Pirate Party ~
 MDD wanted to go in the lobby and a little girl who had cancer was watching her play...MDD did not see. The little girl came and talked to MDD and is MELTED my heart. I know she is mine, but she has SUCH a kind heart. She was so sweet and just talked and talked to this little girl...who just wanted to be a little girl...not have cancer. MDD had just cut her hair for lock and love the week before and later told me that she prayed that little girl would get her hair. So sweet....I love that girl of mine....
 And after that camera and backpack (with money!!!) went MIA!!!! I realized the next night I did not have it! We were on CastawayCay and I had no camera! Thankfully somenone turned it in to Lost and Found untouched!!! We had dinner the last night without Jax...he was at the kids club AGAIN!!!
 We went to pick him up and got a pic of their favorite counselor ~ Corrine! She was SOOOO sweet and beautiful!!! She is from Sweden and we plan to send her a letter/care package soon! She is on the boat for SIX months!!! With NO day off!?!?! Can you IMAGINE?!?!!? No thank you Disney World!!!
 When we got to the room she had sent both the kids awards for being "Star campers" that week! They were soooo excited!!!
 After cruising on disney and docking by carnival ~ I can say I don't think I would EVER go on a Carnival cruise....we got flashed by a most lovely 300 lb plus lady while their boat was pulling in...not very family friendly but super cheap from what I have read/heard! We are gonna stick with WDW!
Dalton and I enjoyed time just catching up while the kids played!

 Kids club open house ~

 The food was good, but nothing spectacular....again...I would rather eat Dalton's cooking!

 We waited until LATE ~ 10-midnight to swim and do teh AquaDuck ~ everyone else would be worn out and our 2 would be wide crowds, no sun screen! It was perfect!!!
So thankful to be able to take our kids on trips and make such sweet, special memories with them!!!
Already planning for next year!!!

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