Thursday, June 13, 2013

Georgia Peaches at the BIG APPLE!!!!

We left last Thursday night for Mary Dalton's dance trip to NYC! To say we were excited would be a HUGE understatement!!! We went up and spent the night with Marti Ann's grandmother since we flew out EARLY Friday morning! I bought them matching PJs...just because they are SO cute!!!
Ne-Ne had a HUGE surprise for the girls ~ She rented a limo to take us TO and FROM the about riding in style! They were SO excited!!! They had decided that they were going to get "discovered" in NYC and become famous so the limo just added fuel to the fire!

The flight was short and they had lots of time to play and plan our day for us! ;)
They both agreed first stop was AG store!!! It was POURING!!! Rain and NYC are the pits, but we stayed in AG for 3 hours!!! Mary Dalton had saved her money ALL year for this!!! She bought Rebecca, two outfits, feel better kit, a dress for herself and some accessories ~ She said that AG was her favorite part of the whole trip! It was 3 stories and VERY impressive...even to me! She also designed a shirt for her doll and a matching one for herself!
That night we went to see Cinderella on Broadway ~ the girls LOVED it!!! We tried to see another show while we were there, but the Tonys were going on and most weren't performing or were sold out...or we could not afford tickets! The show was absolutely amazing!!! I would love to see MANY more shows!!!  
Mary Dalton was almost a pro at riding the subway ~ thanks to our time in Paris!!!
We made a trip to China Town and she HATED it!!! She was a NERVIOUS wreck!!! She was so scared we were going to jail for buying "hot" jewelry and handbags!!! ha!
We also toured the Natural History Museum ~ Jackson and Dalton would have LOVED this ~ We walked through for about an hour but the girls weren't really into dinos, animals, etc...
So we ate from a food truck and enjoyed the break in the rain at Central Park ~ it was beautiful!!! They girls loved running and playing...and eating ice cream!
The rain returned, so we made our way to Toys R Us ~ 3 stories!!! We found a place where they got to decorate a cookie and an apron! They had a blast!!! We also made a trip to FAO Schwartz!
We made LOTS of stops along the way for DELICIOUS cupcakes!!! This was from Cake Boss's shop...they were soooo good!!!
While we were there, they did attend two dance classes ~ one their whole group went to at Ripley-Greer Studio ~ the girl who played Elle in Clueless taught the class...they LOVED it!!!
At Broadway Dance, the two of them took a tap class...they were the youngest by at LEAST 8 years!!! I was worried that they would get frustrated but they hung in there and did a GREAT job!!! I was SO proud of them!!!
Before we left on Monday ~ we spent more time at Toys R Us ~ it was flooding AGAIN and the girls enjoyed riding the 5 story ferris wheel!
We got to the airport to find that we had a 3 hour delay ~ The girls had a blast while we waited...they danced and danced...even got out their tap shoes! The other people waiting were so sweet to them and clapped and some even joined in the dancing!
FINALLY we left NYC around 11 Monday night!
This chick was OUT before we even took off!!!
She slept the whole way home, but woke up when she saw the limo for our return trip to Nene's house!!!
It was hands down one of the MOST fun trips I have ever been on! We both had a BLAST and are dying to get back to NYC soon! It was clean, I felt safe and the people were even friendly...not at all like it had been described to me! We made some precious memories and I can't wait to go back!

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