Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rabbit Hunting Fool!!!

Jackson has had a BLAST on his new 4 wheeler!!! He has stalked every rabbit in the garden that he can!!! He finally got one ALL by himself this week and was SO SO SO excited!!!
(Daddy had to help with this one!)
But this one....he shot ALL alone!!! He was super excited and I think he is officially "addicted" to it now!!!
They skinned it out ~ brought home the ears, feet, and skin...He was having a blast playing with the ears...REAL sanitary I know...and this was in the KITCHEN!!!
They salted everything down and I nicely gave them an old cookie sheet and we put the "parts" in the carport to dry out!
He's got BIG plans for us to eat the rabbit this weekend...I told him I didn't care for any and he said,
"But I am providing food for the family! You HAVE to eat a bite!"
Wish me luck...

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