Friday, February 14, 2014

#dailydowdypic Week 6 ~

Gosh!!! I can't believe it's already 6 weeks into the year...and let me say...Week 6 has been a doozy for The Dowdy's!!! Our Week in pics ~
Day 36 ~ Mary Dalton had a HUGE science test over th erock cycle...she made notecards at school but REFUSED to learn it "my way" ~ never mind I AM a science teacher...low and behold she made a 102!!! way to go MDD!
(my pics of the notecards got deleted!opps!!)
Day 37 ~ 3rd grade got to make paper mache volcanoes and explode them!
Mary D was SO excited about this!!! She has LOVED 3rd grade so much!!!
Day 38 ~ MD & I left school and headed to ATL for her first dance competition and some shopping!!! She is so much fun! :)
Day 39 ~ The boys met us in ATL and watched MD dance! We met up with Rhett & his family at dave & Buster's afterwards ~ super fun weekend!!!
Day 40 ~ still in ATL ~ the boys left early that morning to head home and stop by Bass Pro for Jax to use his gift card! Mary D had dance class all day, but we made a stop for ice cream!
Day 41 ~ Ice storm warning headed our way ~ I LOCKED them outside!!! Wear off some of that energy!!!!
Day 42 ~ School was dismissed as ususaly, but we got 3 days off due to the storm!!! Made a stop by The Orchards for a chocolate covered strawberry!!!
Day 43 ~ We lost power at 6 am and were without for 38 hours!!!
Day 44 ~ More ice!!! We lost a chunk of change in pines to say the least. We are SO upset, but trying to stay postive! I was so thankful for a cup of coffee!!!
We got power back Thursday afternoon! I have NEVER been so thankful for hot water!!! Lots more pics of our week to come this weekend!!!

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