Friday, February 14, 2014

Turnip Green Soup ~ Crockpot Fav!!!!

Kelly's Korner is having "Souper Friday!" ~ Lots of good soup recipes! This is hands down my FAVORITE southern soup!!! You HAVE to use Old Glory Brand turnips!!! This is easy and delicious!!! Enjoy!!!

Turnip Green Soup ~
1 large can Old Glory Turnips (they are seasoned already)
2 cans black eyed peas (I use OG, but have used other brands)
1 can Rotel
1 lb. sausage, cooked and crumbled
1 1/2-2 cups chicken broth

After you cook your sausage ( I use deer sausage, but you can use any brand), put it in the crock pot with the other ingredients. Don't drain anything. Add 1 1/2-2 cups chicken broth. Cook on low all day. So good!!!

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