Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Week 5 ~ #dailydowdypic

Day 30....what?!?! You don't wear 5 inch heels to Dollar General?!?! 
Enjoyed our LAST snow day ~ we were off 3 days with Whitney over to play and a trip to DG! 
Day 31 ~ Heaven help me!!! BOTH kids had sleep over company ~ 
thankfully they were ALL very sweet and well behaved! The boys were EXTRA silly!
Day 32 ~ Dalton & I went to Augusta to eat for his birthday and also looked at a possible new rental house ~ a duplex! SUPER cute!!! Can't wait!!! Hope it works out!! 
Day 33 ~ SO thankful for the warm weather! Felt like spring after all that snow! After church, laced up the Newtons and had MOMMY TIME running!!! :) Nothing liek just me and a couple of hair bands! 
Day 34 ~ Jackson has officially become a Rainbow Loom EXPERT!!! He can make EVERY single kind of bracelet in all three book! 
Day 35 ~ Happy Birthday Dalton/Daddy!!!!

And just one extra ~ 
The kids made a grocery list of their "requests" for the week ~ obviously they are not fans of my low calorie, high fiber wheat bread! Love "Good, real, true bread!" ha!!! 

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