Tuesday, February 4, 2014

38 Special ~ Dalton's Birthday!!!

Today was Dalton's 38th birthday!!! Our kids get SO excited about a birthday!!!
They planned Dalton's favorite meal for supper tonight and worked so hard to get everything just perfect...we even ate on our Spode Woodland plates in his honor! ;)
Jackson made poppyseed chicken ALL alone and Mary Dalton made the birthday cake ALL alone!!!
They did a great job and supper was delicous! They even helped clean up!
They were SO upset when I reminded them that we weren't buying gifts!
If there was something that Dalton NEEDED of course I would have gotten it, but instead he is re-doing our golf cart and we all can enjoy that!
The kids were NOT buying in to that so I suggested that they list 38 things that they love about Daddy...this was a GREAT idea and it kept them busy a LONG time!!!
These lists will be TREASURED!!! They are so sweet and absolutely made my day!!!
Mary Dalton's list ~
*Dalton always "babysits" the AG dolls for her! Love the sound effects!
Love #21 and #22 ~

#27 is HANDS DOWN my favorite!!! That girl KNOWS her mama doesn't do vomit!!! ;)
Love #31 too ~ He's "VERY COOL" ~ not just COOL
#35another fav....they hate cursive!
SO SO SO sweet!!!!
Now onto Jackson's list ~ He did list reasons he loves his Daddy,but he also just listed a few "fun facts" as well! Enjoy!!!
Love #12 ~ you teach me about manly things!
#22 ans #25 ~ We are both manly men and You and Mama did not get a divorce..thanks a ton! ha!!!
I asked himWHY he put this...did he think we were going to get divorced? Nope. Just glad we weren't! Bless his heart....
Now ~ I MUST WARN you before you go that you MAY WANT TO STOP READING THIS NOW if you are not interested in the "fun facts" I mentioned earlier OR if you are easily offended....
Check out #17 ~
Dear Lord in heaven....
(and yes...that is what you think it is.....)
Needless to say ~ we were DYING of laughter as Dalton was reading this list of things Jackoson obviously "admires" about his Daddy!!!
He redeems himself with #31 ~ You tell me about God ~
but check out #32 ~ We both have a really good talent...
attracting the ladies ~
Like I said ~ I need prayer....lots of prayer...Can't even imagine the teen age years with that one...
Anyway ~ it was a wonderful day celebrating our favorite Daddy!!!!
Happy Birthday Dalton!!!
We love you and are SO thankful for all you do for us!!!

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