Saturday, February 22, 2014

Winter Break Fun!

With all the snow/ice days we have had ~ we were VERY lucky to have our winter break canceled! I was VERY excited to have an extra long weekend with these two!!!
Friday morning we headed to Augusta to run some errands ~
The kids used their Valentine money from their grandparents to spend the afternoon at the Kroc Center!!!
We had never been and they had the BEST time!! Before we went to swim, we payed our final payment on our Disney Cruise ~ so while the kids swam, I booked our excursions!!! Can't wait!!! Hands down that is my FAVORITE trip EVER!!!
After we swam ~ We made a stop by Pet Smart ~
We promised Jackson a new hamster for his birthday and this was the first time we could get there to buy him one! So ~ we are now the proud owner's of our FOURTH hamster...
if "Rocky" dies ~ WE. ARE. DONE.
(Mary D. found a Beta fish on sale and bought one with her own money...I give Addison a week. TOPS.)
They were SO tired when we got home, but Sooz and Big invited us over for supper! They had a fire in the fire pit and we enjoyed some yummy appetizers while we waited on supper!
Sooz cooked the best chicken!!! It was soooo good!!!
We came home and all 3 got in my bed!
I could not sleep with them every night ~ but occassionally it does me good to watch them sleep. To hear them sweet and they are getting SO growny!!! I know soon ~ very soon ~ they won't want to sleep with me when Dalton isn't home!
Saturday I met a friend for lunch and a movie ~ a RARE RARE RARE treat and MUCH enjoyed!!!
I came home and helped Mary Dalton get her room organized and we are all piled up in my bed again tonight! We are planning to go to church tomorrow and we are excited about spending some fun time with Dalton tomorrow when he gets home!!!
AND ~ we are SUPER excited about having Monday off, too!!!

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