Wednesday, February 26, 2014

#dailydowdypic Week 8

Day 51 ~ Better late than never!?!?! I helped with Jackson's late Valentine's Party ~ We did a pancake pancake breakfast for his class! 
Day 52 ~ Winter Break!!!
We enjoyed the day at the Kroc Center!!! 
Day 53 ~ Dalton stayed at the cabin to try to clean up from the ice storm so I had TWO bed buddies....which is fun...but not much sleep!!! 
Day 54 ~ Church and then LOCKED out of the house!!! Picnic on the golf cart while I figured out how to get in the house! ;) 
Day 55 ~ LOVE a Monday off from school! Last day of winter break and Mary Dalton FINISHED her science project!!! SO SO SO thankful to have that DONE!!!! 
Day 56 ~ Just a little after school metal detecting! He found a dime and a bracelet! 
Day 57 ~ My favorite girl came to see me at school today! She lost her 11th tooth!!!! 
And just a few extras....
Loved spending time with Jax Monday while MDD was at dance ~
We rode the golf cart and went to the walking track! 
And my new running partner!!!!
Mary Dalton ran 1.5 miles with me on Sunday! I was SO proud of her! She did really good! She is going to try to add a lap each week and work up to a 5k! I wasn't able to run as fast as I like, but the conversation with her was better than ANY workout I could ever have!!! 
Happy Wednesday!!!! :) 

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