Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend with My Favorites!!!!

We had a great weekend! The fun started with an in home massage!!! 
Two of my sweet students gave me an in home massage for Christmas....
EXCELLENT teacher gift!!!! 
Our sweet niece came to town for a visit while her Mommy went on a girl's trip! Jackson and I babysat Thursday night....It's been a LONG time since I put a baby to bed...but I have still got it! ;) 
Look at all those loves on those legs!!!! 
I just can't help but **SqEeZe ** her!!!!

Friday night, the 4 of us went to the cabin! We haven't been in forever so it was so nice to have some quiet time and good grilling thanks to DDD!!!
Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day so we took Priss to the park! 
She LOVED the baby swing and the kids had the best time pushing her in her stroller around the track! 
They are both SO good with her!!! They are GREAT helpers!!!
After church Sunday, we spent more time outside! I taught the kids some new games to play on the trampoline! It was just a little preview of spring...we can't wait at our house!!! 
BUT!!! Our allergies are AWFUL! All 4 of us are sneezing, coughing and stopped up! SO ready for permanent warm weather!!!
Our sweet baby girl left today and we are going to be LOST going home and not seeing her with her sweet smile and chicklet teeth! :( 

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