Thursday, March 6, 2014

#dailydowdypic Week 9

Day 58...Jax & I were SO SO SO excited that we got to keep this little doll last Thursday night! Sooz took her Mommy to the airport and of course Mary Dalton tagged along! She was a DOLL!!!! He is so sweet with her! 
Day 59....LONG overdue time at the cabin!!! With the snow, ice, and rain we have had VERY little time at our favorite weekend retreat! Friday night, we headed out to the cabin and Dalton cooked us his famous burgers....DELICIOUS!!! 
Day 60...Thankful for the sun and halfway decent weather! We got Miss Priss after her morning nap and took her to the park! She LOVED the baby swing!!! 
Day 61...Fashions of today for Mary Dalton ~ Still loves a big bow (thank you Lord!!!) and since monograms are more popular now than ever...she loves a monogram!!! No more smocked dresses, but she is still all about looking cute! Makes my heart VERY VERY VERY happy!!!! 
Day 62....Dalton knows the way to my heart...I LOVE a Reese's peanut butter cup, but a peanut butter egg has MORE pb and is WAY better than the cups!!! Thank you D! Lots of running in my future because I can't stop eating them! :)
Day 63..Mary Dalton left this note at Dalton's seat at supper...
It was a note about how much she loved him AND a grocery list of what she wants him to buy while I am in DC next week! #spoiled
Day 64 ....Official Science Fair turn in day! Thank HEAVENS we survived!!!! I am already dreading next year doing this with Jackson! I should have made her do something "neutral" so I could use it again next year! 
We have had a busy week, but have half days the last 3 days this week because of exams! We are planning a fun day trip on Saturday before I leave for DC! Kids are SO excited...should be fun! :)

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