Wednesday, April 9, 2014

#dailydowdypic Week 14~

Day 93
Big Day for Jax!!! Killed his first and second turkeys!!!
Day 94
Field Day at School...which means Spring Break!!!

Day 95
Mary Dalton & Whitney Sue were SO excited to meet Marah at dance competition!
Day 96
Delicious Sunday night shrimp dinner at McKinneys Pond!
Day 97
Rainy start to our spring break so we spent the day cooking!
Day 98
Fun time swimming at the aquatic center...can't wait for summer!!!
Day 99
The kids spent the morning at Artsy Me for day camp and then we had yogurt before heading home!
We are Soooooo enjoying our spring break! I have a HUGE SURPRISE for the kids tomorrow! I'm less than 24 hours from pulling it off!!! Can't wait to see Brie faces!!!!

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