Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Her "Dream Day" Came True....

Mary Dalton got to FINALLY go to her "Dream Place" today. I gave the kids a list of 8 activites we could do today. They ranged from the science museum, jumping beans, zoo and even putt putt...

What did these two choose???
The Golden Corral and Swimming.
Bless her precious self. The commercials with the chocolate fountain are about more than she can stand. She has BEGGED for three years to pretty pretty please take her.  Well today, she won.
And let me say, it's Masters week in Augusta so it actually wasn't that crowded when we got there...never mind we arrived at 11 before all the food had been breathed on. Sister FILLED UP to say the least...we tried it ALL!!! Ribs, bbq, fried chicken, tacos, okra, name it...she probably tried it!
And here's Jackson's plate. He enjoyed a roll. That's it. Two rolls.TOTAL SIDENOTE: How about the teased up 70 year old lady  who worked at GC tried to tell Jackson that he could not go to teh chocolate fountain unless he ate meat and vegetables!!! WHAT!?!?! I SOOOOO should have left him eat some broccoli ~ we've tried 3 times and he swallows it but within 30 seconds he barfs it right back up!!! Even tried to give him $5 to eat ONE PIECE of cauliflower last week ~ SAME thing ~ swallowed it several bites and just when we thought he was in the "clear" projectiled all in his plate!!! Now THAT'S what I should have done!!!! However I just smiled and thought ok Miss AquaNet ~ We'll see ~  then he made his way to the chocolate fountain and he consumed a weeks worth of calories in about 10 minutes.
Who knew a buffet had cotton candy?!?! The customers were...well....not the healthiest looking bunch. I was FOR SURE the odd one out! However, no one had touched the salad bar and it actually was really good! They even had a low calories vingerette! 
It actually wasn't as bad as I envisioned...but when we left...the line was out the door. Herding em in like cattle. No thanks. I'd rather not eat.
Mary Dalton has a pretty wide pallet. She's eaten at some REALLY nice and expensive places...her take on the experience???
"Best meal I've ever had! It was like a dream!" All $5.48. God love her...
After watching my children practically gorge themselves...we headed to the aquatic center to work off some of those calories!!!the smell of chlorine has me itching for our pool to be ready and summer time!!!

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