Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Break Happenings...

We are enjoying our spring break SO much!!!
Even though we are going to be in town...I still ditch all commitments for the week ~
We skipped church, skipped dance...and plan to skip pretty much everything else for the next 5 days! It is a MUCH needed break because when we start back to school ~
Our calendar is OVERLOADED with events!
Sunday night ~ we went to McKinney's Pond to eat.
Best. Fried. Shrimp.
There are none better.
My two bizzare children ordered chicken on a stick and grilled cheese...
sometimes I wonder who birthed them....
Jackson kept eyeing Dalton's salad and finally asked for some. The boys eats NO vegetables, so we were shocked!!! He ate two bowls full ~ just lettuce, cheese, and honey mustard...but it is a start!
Monday it literally rained BUCKETS!!! The kids and I made brownies and a breakfast casserole for supper...
In this frying pan is the exact reason why I hate to cook...other than it makes a mess...
This is bacon. It crumpled ALL up...good thing I needed it crumbled for the casserole!!!
The kids made these forts...
even I had to admit that they were pretty cool!
We hung out and watched movies all day ~
Pretty uneventful...
UNTIL ~ ~ ~ ~
This baby came in the mail!!!!
Mary Dalton got a post card from Camp Winshape and she was BEYOND excited!!!!!!
She wants to pack now.
I can't wait for her to go and make new friends and learn more about Jesus!
We are praying that this will help her be one step closer to asking Jesus into her heart!
The kids and I are off for a "fun day" today ~
They got to pick what we do and in Mary Dalton's exact words...
"This is going to be a DREAM come true!"
Can't wait to blog about our outing!!! ;)

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