Thursday, April 24, 2014

Week 16 ~ #dailydowdypic

Week 16 has come and gone ~ ~ ~
This year is flying by!!!
Day 107 ~
Nothing is sweeter than watching these two sleep ~
So peaceful...
Day 108 ~
LOVE our Kindergarten teacher!!! She wears this same bunny collar EVERY year ~ the front has these big floppy ears and the back has a fluffy tail! I took this to send to her daughter (who graduated last year...she HATES it!!!) Miss Sharon is just too cute!!!
Day 109 ~
We were excited that Little Miss Priss came to town to celebrate her first Easter!!!
Day 110 ~
Happy Easter!!!
So thankful that we serve a RISEN Savior!!!
Day 111 ~
Perfect Monday for this handsome boy ~ Came home from school to find a squirrel in his trap!!!
Day 112 ~
Left school early for dentist appts ~ stopped for yogurt first!!!
Day 113 ~
Spent the day in Augusta with my AP Psychology class ~ I have taught these kids in some capacity since they were in 5th grade!!! I can't believe that they are about to graduate!!! I am SO proud of each of them!!! Love them like my own!

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