Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New "Prize" for MDD ~

Tuesday after school the kids has dentist appointments ~ We stopped for yogurt first...and JAckson opted for a cupcake! "Hadley" the doll with special needs went with us ~ Truly...MDD has a doll that she pretends has special needs because her leg is deformed....and she is SO sweet to the doll....
Both kids checked out great! We have to watch Jackson for a while longer before we decide about braces....his teeth MIGHT straighten out on their own!!! They both had cleanings at the same time, so I sat in the waiting room and went back when the dentist came to look over things! 
Dalton met us in Augusta for supper at Logan's ~ I cannot even tell  you the WILL POWER it took to sit there and NOT eat a roll....but I didn't eat one. bite. Dalton went to Cabella's (again!) and I was going home...MDD went with her daddy....Jax went with me because he had homework he had not done...
SOMEHOW ~ Mary Dalton talked her Daddy into a pink BB Gun and hot pink targets! She said that she had been thinking about the gun since she saw it last week! ha! I don't know who was more excited...MDD or Dalton...or even Jackson!!!! He wants her to shoot with him everyday now! ;) 
Her one request was that we get her initials on the gun....
LOVE that!!! :) 

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