Thursday, May 8, 2014

Stone Mountain Trip ~

Today was Jackson's class trip to Stone Mountain ~ We went to the laser show last summer...but did not do the park, so we were excited about seeing it all!!!
His class is tiny ~ only 12 ~ 4 boys and Ty is leaving our school this year! There are a lot of pros and cons about a tiny class ~ but one thing is for sure ~ they love each other! They are like a little family!
We did the sky lift and looked around from the top of the can see a LONG way!
There was a GREAT 4D show ~ We did it twice!!!
It had wind, rain, your seat moved....really cool!
We also took the train around the mountain ~
"The Barn" was a 4 story indoor play area for kids their age ~
They had a BLAST!!!
LOVE these two so much!!!!
There was also a rope course ~ the line was LONG but they loved it once they finally got their turn! Jackson was VERY careful and cautious ~
Mary Dalton walked through it like she does this daily ~
And a good time was had by all ~
Poor Jackson fell asleep and MDD stuck candy in his mouth ~
The boy was OUT!!! He slept the whole way home!!!

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