Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Week 18 ~ #dailydowdypic

Day 121 ~
Track Meet with Second & Third Grades!!! My children were NOT in to this at all ~ They would much rather eat the snacks I packed and play....
Day 122 ~
SO SO SO thankful that my children are smart!!! I don't mean that to sound boastful or proud, but I am truly thankful that they are bright children and learn easily!!! They may not be athletic or the best artists, singers, etc but they are intelligent! :)
Day 123 ~
Saturday fishing fun!!!!
We even caught enough for supper!
Day 124 ~
Brunch at Bonefish with my loves....
Day 125 ~
Cannot WAIT to start this book!!! I am trying REALLY hard to wait until school is out because it will consume ALL of my time until I finish it!!!
day 126  ~
Jackson was chosen to represent his class at the spelling bee! He was up against about 20 other 2nd graders. He came in 6th ~ he got his letters mixed up and corrected himself...but a mistake is a mistake...and he was out! :( SUPER proud of him though!!! He was sooooo cute on stage!!!
And in other news ~
Mary Dalton got a letter from Addison Wingate (From Kim of Queens) today in the mail!!! Addison is her FAVORITE girl on the show!!! She wrote her a letter a few weeks ago and was SUPER EXCITED to get this in the mail today!!!!
After a busy week so far ~ Dalton took us to dinner at Hogie Joe's ~
God bless that sweet man...he knows I just don't want to cook!!! LOVE him so!!!
The fun isn't ending now ~ leaving EARLY in the morning for yet ANOTHER class trip ~ second grade is headed to Stone Mountain!!!!

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