Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Dowdy's are OFFICIALLY Ready for School!!!

All four of us loaded up yesterday to finish up school shopping!
MD already had her things, but Jackson needed his and they both needed things for sports.
We had supper at Mellow Mushroom ~ we have not been there in FOREVER ~ I think they missed us! ;)
God bless his sweet bones.
It took him MAYBE 10 mins to pick out his supplies.
"Do you want to pick out your binder?"
"Nahhh...just get a green one."
"Do you want a cool folder...there's a dog on that one or a football?"
"Ummmm...just plain please."
Long gone are the days of him caring about what he has ~ he wants it plain and simple.
And it was a total of $22!!!
(Minus the EXPENSIVE backpack he has PROMISED to use for TWO years!)
We even made a stop by Sam's to stock up on the lunch necessities!
And Sooz promised these two that she would buy them roller blades and all of the "gear" that they require ~ after 4 stops ~ MD FINALLY found some that she deemed "suitable" ~ Jax found his at the first stop! ;)
We got home at 10 pm and they geared up and outside they went!!!
They skated about 40 mins!
And ~  ~ ~ They woke up this morning at 7:30 to skate before heading out for a day of more errands and practices!
So ~ ~ ~
We have school supplies, cheerleading shoes and shorts, LOTS of football stuff (and might I add I had NO IDEA how expensive that crap is!?!?!), lunch stuff and backpacks...
We are just waiting for the first day! :)

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