Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Family Fun

We have been enjoying the pool with Dalton these past few days! He is not a fan of summer, but when the water feels like bath water...he loves to swim with us and the kids EAT. IT. UP!
We swam last night from 8:30-10 and had the best time! Daddy is so much fun because he can do ALL sorts of tricks I can't hold a candle to!
Sooz invited us over Sunday night for a DELICIOUS supper!!!
(MDD found an ace bandage and has worn the dumb thing on every limb she has the past few days...so if you see her...she is fine! Just being MD!)
MD made a menu for our supper ~ "Coa au vin" which I am not sure is spelled correctly ~ if a GREAT chicken dish Sooz made! So so so good!!!
Mary D. wants "cool lunches" this year ~ so Sooz is freezing all sorts of lunches for her to take. Thank goodness for Sooz bc we ALL know ~ I will send a lunchable in a skinny minute! :)
And just to show my family has the BEST table manners! ;)
Jax had his spoon and was read for his dessert!
And then ~
They started playing the with antique rotary phone.
Bless Them.
They didn't know what a dial tone was.
Didn't know about a busy signal.
Yep ~ I am old.
Mary Dalton talked Sooz into playing "Lady and the Tramp" ~
It's they're favorite thing to do when they have pasta!
And then ~
this happened.
Cheer Camp.
And I volunteered to help my friend Shana sponsor.
We had an all day camp yesterdayand then took the girls swimming ~
They really were sweet but we have a LOT of work to do...
I am not sure "perfection" and "Jr Pro cheerleading" go together...
but I am sure gonna try! ;)
I am BEYOND behind on laundry ~
There is literally laundry in every room of our house that needs to be washed, or folded....or just put away! It is a MESS!
We are headed out to Augusta as a family later today to get football and cheer gear, school supplies, and have supper....
It's always an adventure...
I can't wait! :)

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