Friday, July 25, 2014

Lots of Randomness ~ Imagine That!!! :)

This week has been a fun one!
Jackson was SO excited about his minnow trap he got at the hunting show in AL!
ALLLLLL week we have heard about how he needs to go to the farm to set it!
He also picked up this lovely pen....which doubles as a knife....
can you say EXPELLED from school!?!?
Oh heaven help me with this boy!!!
I am kinda of ashamed to admit this...but then pretty proud I have pulled it off...BUT....
I have bought groceries in WEEKS. First, we have not been at home. Secondly, we have been eating at the cabin a good bit! Anyway ~ Dalton was dying for something to drink and all we had was water. He loaded the kids up and off to the gas station they went. I ASSUMED they would sit in the car since they were dressed for bed....
White trash with college degrees.
That's what we are.
At least we have good taste though! ;)
MDD marked a whole catalog of things she liked! LOVED seeing her sweet notes!
That girlie girl can climb a deer stand and shoot a gun with the best of them! ;)
(with a bow!)
Jax stayed with Sooz this week while MDD and I went to get hair cuts ~
After ~
She got 2 inches cut off and some layers added...
It was also a REALLY big deal because she got high lights.
I know...she's 9...almost 10.
However, her hair was AWFUL from swimming all summer and we need to brighten it back up!
It looks SO good and she loves it!!!
And this happened this week...
Be still my heart.
He may be the CUTEST football player I have seen. Ever.
He is so excited about playing football!!!
We finally got to the cabin so he could set his trap!
He caught a basket full of minnows!!!
Yesterday, we had Alison over for swimming and snowcones!
Today was spent cleaning out the pantry, fridge, and freezer....AND a trip to the grocery store! :)
Enjoy your weekend!!!

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