Thursday, July 24, 2014

Week 29 ~ #dailydowdypic

Week 29 had us wrapping up our summer "fun" things and getting ready for back to school!!!
Day 198  ~
Trying to SQUEEZE out all the pool time we can!!!
Day 199 ~
I can't tell you what it does to me to see school supplies ~ oh how it makes my heart HAPPY!!!
And ~ at Dollar Tree?!?! Pure Bliss!!! :)
Day 200  ~
was spent with my sweet girl! Shopping, shopping, and more shopping ~
She's all ready for 4th grade!!!
Day 201  ~
Rainy, yucky Sunday afternoon ~ I spent it working on shower invitations for Sallie Ann's upcoming bridal shower at our house! Can't wait!!
Day 202 ~
Trip to the ice rink!!!
Best way to "beat the heat" ~ I was BUNDLED up in that blanket, wool sweater, socks, boots, etc!
It was FREEZING!!!
(Lexi the AG doll even went in her ice skates!)
Day 203 ~
DDD put up a climbing stand in the back yard and the kids LOVE it! They climb it several times a day!!!
Day 204 ~
Hair cuts and highlights with my girl  ~
All ready for school! :)
I can NOT believe that next week is our LAST WEEK OF SUMMER!?!?!
I am very excited about getting back  into our routine and my two need a break from each other!!! :)
We of course have planned to pack in AS MUCH as we possibly can!!!

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