Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekend Fun for Both the GIRLS & BOYS!!

The boys went to AL this weekend for a hunting show so Mary Dalton & I had the weekend to ourselves!!!
Friday night, went to Wal-Mart and then came home and worked on some projects for my classroom!
I can't believe that we only have TWO WEEKS of summer left!
Mary Dalton had some of her canvas' that she painted for her new teacher and for her school room!
If you look from FAR AWAY ~ they are cute!!! :)
Saturday morning, we went to buy school supplies and MD picked to eat lunch at Hibachi Grill ~ I HATE a buffet, but as far as buffets go, it was really decent and VERY clean!!
Love this girl ~
She is growing up SO SO SO fast!!!
She will double digits in less than a month!!!
We had a fun, busy day shopping and SO enjoyed our time together!!!
We shopped/walked so much that our feet were aching like CRAZY!!!
We both had to stop and get some new shoes! :)
And of course we made a stop for ice cream ~
It was a yucky, rainy day so shopping was the perfect entertainment!
On my bucket list this summer was "Make gourmet cupcakes" ~ Since I have 2 weeks to learn...I thought we better get started! We made homemade strawberry cupcakes...
And MD wore her new goddess costume!
She made the icing and it was SO good!
She is a really good baker!
Although they taste pretty good ~ we have got to work on our decorating/icing skills!!!
We slept until 9:15 Sunday morning!!! We NEVER sleep late so that was a nice treat! A good, rainy morning! We spent the afternoon in my classroom ~ A sweet former student came and did some electrical work for free for me in my room and I was able to get my room all put together!!! We went and ate Mexican before the boys got home!
Such a fun weekend with my favorite girl!!!
The BOYS ~ ~ ~
Dalton is not a picture taker but I did get these few via texts!!!
They had a great time at the hunting show and Jax met a moonshiner ~
This boy LOVES to sleep and wouldn't get up this morning  ~
Dalton covered him with pillows...
he still slept on...
So thankful that we both had time to spend with the kids one-on-one!
This week's schedule is full again ~
hair appts, dance, costume fitting for dance, football meeting for Jax, baby shower, and hopefully some swim time and fun in the mix!!!

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