Thursday, July 17, 2014

Week 28 ~ #dailydowdypic

Week 28 was one of my FAVORITE weeks of the year!!!
Vacation with Dalton!!!
Day 191  ~
Rise and Shine! 6 a.m. flight to Mexico!
Day 192  ~
I made a friend! :)
Day 193 ~
Does anything get any more beautiful than this???
Day 194  ~
Or this????
Day 195  ~
Thanks for the "goodbye" but it did NOT make leaving any easier...
Day 196  ~
While I was busy unpacking...
I snapped a shot of my sweet "teacher in training"
Day 197  ~
Lunch with these two cuties after working at school!
And just a few from the kids' trip to MS!!!
My sister had all sorts of fun things planned ~
picnic, trip to the science museum, snow cones!
Mary Dalton was SO SO SO happy that she got to see Reagan while she was in MS!
They love each other so much and we missed them when were in MS in May!


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