Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Playa Mujeres Excellence Resorts....

We got in EARLY this morning from Excellence Playa Mujeres ~
It's an all inclusive/adults only resort.
I can't even begin to describe how WONDERFUL this trip was ~
every deatil was perfect!!!
We had to jump through a few hoops to get the kids dispersed, get there and  get back...but it was SO worth it!!!
6 a.m. flight out of BHM to ALT!
We didn't care...
We were on VACATION!!!
We upgraded to Excellence Club and it was worth every penny!
Fresh fruit and flowers daily, upgraded ammenities, private beach area, private pools, lounges, 24 hour room service...
I am ready to go back! :)
The room was VERY clean ~ as was the whole resort! The people were SO kind and helpful! Not one detail went undone!
This was the view from our room ~
The "super" moon was out while we were there...
There were 9 pools and only one "loud" ~ it had music, bands, volley ball, swim up bar..
this is were most of the young people hung out...
The other 8 pools were DEAD quiet! Everyone was reading, sleeping, tanning...so relaxing!
The "upgraded" beach was so nice...
all the seats/beds/lounge chairs were padded and you could choose sun or shade...
there were PLENTY of seats and you didn't have to hunt for somewhere to enjoy the beach!
There were TONS of places to eat at the resort!
Our favorites were Lobster House, The Grill, and Chez Isabelle  ~
We also ate a LOT of room service!
This was the first trip Dalton and I have been on alone since 2003!!!
We have been off for different things but there is always an agenda ~
He has classes to take for his CLE or do something work related...this was PURE enjoyment...no plans!!!
I am SO thankful for the time we had together!
We had the BEST time and were able to talk about things that are going on with the kids, work, ourselves, etc. and we laughed. A LOT!
We also rented a jet skit one day! This was GREAT fun...
but this was NOT!
I could write a novel about our kayaking experience!!! We lasted 5-10 minutes TOPS!
It was memorable for sure!
We flew out Monday and Delta had 500 issues with BOTH our flights! We should have been in BHM at 5 to get the kids and be back in GA by 10...
that did not happen!
We made the best of it and the airport was really fun!
I had delicious gacumole from this food cart ~
soooo good! Even DDD ate it!!!
After LOTS of delays and cancellations...
we FINALLY got on a plane to head to get the kids back!!!
We were both super excited to see these two! I swear they grew 2 inches in 5 days!!!
They had SO much fun with my parents and my sister's family!
A HUGE thank you to them for keeping them so we could do this trip!!!
We owe you BIG TIME!!!
We got home about 2:30 and Dalton was up at 6:30 for work...
nothing like back to the real world!
As tired as I am, I am still running on adreline from our fun trip! We made so many memories and I can't wait til we can do it again!

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