Thursday, October 23, 2014

Week 42 ~ #dailydowdypic

Week 42 was a busy, fun week for us!!!
Day 289 ~ We headed to Augusta after school to pick up Jackson's tux for the wedding and made a quick stop by Dip n Dots! 
day 290 ~ 
This HAD to be documented ~ 
I unlocked the school! Jax woke up with a migraine at 5:39 and was pretty sick! :( I ran to the school to get my plans ready for a sub and dropped MD off at a friend's house ~ 

Day 291 ~ 
My other daughter got married!!!
Love that Sallie Ann! 
Day 292 ~ 
Movie and Yogurt with my cuties!!!
Day 293 ~ 
Poor thing had 102 all day on Sunday and I had no idea! He stayed with me in my class room so I could teach! He was SO SO SO good!!! 
No to mention cute! :) 
Day 294~
What?!?! Your children don't skate in their drawers!?!?!
Day 295 ~ 
Career Day at TJA! 
Pretty creative huh?!?! 
They even stood outside the school and twirled their signs and danced! ha!
Fun week!!! 

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