Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Please Let This Be As Pain Free As Possible...

We are about to attack one of the last big  projects that we've been waiting to attack...the tacky, 1982 kitchen...
May The Lord be with me...
New countertops should be in this time next week and new paint job and hard wood floors to follow...all I HOPE AND PRAY in a timely manner!!!!
We are putting heart pine in the foyer, breakfast room, kitchen, laundry room and powder room...we still have our room, the study, the den, and dining room left to do one day...but at least we are starting!!!
Our foyer has this tacky butt cheap flooring..I would like to personally help DESTROY this floor!!!
The powder room has ugly white tiles but at least they left the decorative green out of it! ;)
Jax and I started moving the things out of the drawers into the dining room today...I HATE a mess but I am very very excited about this project!!! I just want it done before Thanksgiving!! 
Wish me luck...hopefully I won't be blogging from the insane asylum! 

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