Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sallie Ann Ties the Knot ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh my gosh ~ I can't believe our first babysitter is married!!!
Sallie Ann kept Mary Dalton for the first time the November after she was born ~ she would have been about 3 months old...I was DESPERATE for some help for about an hour and I called her...she drove her golf cart down to keep Mary Dalton. Sallie was 14 and I really didn't know her at all, but knew that she could watch MD for an hour while I ran an errand that had to be done ~
and the rest is history ~ she kept the kids from then until she went to college...and even some during those years! She went on trips with us, stayed with us in the summers so I could take the kids to the pool with help, she stuck with us through potty training, terrible two's, LOADS of sicknesses and much more! We were there when she learned to drive, through friend drama, break ups, broken hearts, her diabetes diagnosis, leaving for college, and now for her special day!!!
We LOVE this sweet girl...I mean lady! ;)
(and she is truly like our family!)
Jackson was a Jr Groomsmen and MD was a Jr Bride's Maid  ~
They were SO excited!!!
Sallie Ann was STUNNING in her mother's dress which she had remade!
And when did Mary Dalton start looking like she was 13?!?!
By far THE cutest male at the wedding!!! :)
Both of my kids love Nick, Sallie Ann's younger brother...
I told Nick he could just wait 10 years and marry Mary Dalton! He's a cutie! :)
Oh how I love these 3!!!
Oh sweet "Gigi" ~ she would come rock Jackson EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. when Dalton worked later. She loves my children and they love her, too!
I did really good and didn't cry! :)
I'm telling you ~ it was like my child was getting married!
The kids hung in there for pictures and all the festivites without complaining ~ miracle in iteslf!
Mary Dalton has ALWAYS loved Mike!!!
He would take her on the golf cart to McDonald's to get milkshakes when we lived in their neighborhood ~ sweet, sweet memories....
And then the party started ~ and the Dowdy children LOVE a good party!!!
They danced and danced...
Jax was ready for bed about 9 ~ imagine that ~ but MD was still going strong!!!
Sallie and the Dowdy Men ~
And MD's night was MADE when she caught the bouquet!!!
Let's pray that day is a LONG LONG time from now!!! :)
The wedding and reception could not have been more perfect! We are so thankful we were able to part of such a special day for one of our favorite girls!!!

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