Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week 43 ~ #dailydowdypic

Day 297 ~
God gave us the prettiest sunrise on the way to school! :)
Day 298 ~
Jackson was going to be CERTAIN he did not get my germs!
Day 299 ~ Mary Dalton's FAVORITE mail day of the year ~ let the wish list making begin!!!
Day 300 ~
He LOVES to come home and watch NY ER ~ he kept my company while I was catching up on laundry!
Day 301 ~
Both of the kids had allergies and they were worn out! MD looks dead...and Jax is under that pillow! Bless them...
Day 302 ~
The day I had a mild heart attack when on a field trip a bird landed on my head ~
Those are not happy tears...I was FREAKING OUT!!!! My students did nothing to help...they just took pictures! My fear of's a real issue! ;)
And just because ~
I was looking for a pencil in MD's backpack...she had not ONE school supply...
but plenty of beauty items! Love her!
And I wish I had more to report...but as of now...this is all the granite...
The other piece cracked and we are waiting for them to come back! The wood was too wet to start the project so flooring will start Tuesday!
We are still ahead of schedule ~ I am TRYING to be done before Thanksgiving...this was our first "Set back" so hopefully we will still make it!!!

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