Monday, October 27, 2014

Homecoming, Halloween, Pumpkin Carving Fun ~ All While I Felt Like I May Die....

OK ~ first let me say that I glad to be feeling halfway normal again ~ and that I praying nonstop that my children and Dalton avoid whatever I picked up last week! Running fever of 103 when you are on the back half of 30 ~ well ~ it aint no fun. 4 days of it ~ well ~ I felt like I was gonna to die...not really, but it was bad! Anyway ~ Mamas know that even we are on our death beds sick as dogs.... LIFE GOES ON ~ Here is what I managed to pull off while being sick ~ ;)
Pajama Day!
(Thursday at school)
I am SO SO SO thankful Homecoming week is OVER! It's fun, but it is REALLY hard to teach and have a somewhat normal day when you have a class full of kids dressed up!
Thursday night ~ We went to the PowderPuff football game and bonfire
(I started feeling bad while we were there!)
MD could not BELIEVE that GIRLS would volunteer to play football! She SWEARS she will NEVER play football....even if it is for homecoming! ;) 
Friday morning at school ~ we had homecoming practice ~ I am in charge of homecoming so we went to the field to walk through the night!
And pretty much after lunch I passed out in my classroom and slept for an hour...woke up...taught two more classes...skipped the pep rally...came home and slept....
I got a sub for homecoming for the night ~ THANKFULLY I have some AWESOME co-workers and friends who stepped in and took care of my duties and got my kids to all the fun events!
Saturday morning ~ I asked for some ice...
Jax was scared I had Ebola so he "masked up" ~ ha!!!

One of my SUPER talented friends hosted a GREAT Halloween party Saturday night and I missed it! :( The kids had a BLAST though!!! 
Jackson was very excited that Whitney was there! :)

These girls know how to work a camera!!!!

Sunday night, we went to the cabin to carve a pumpkin with Dalton ~
They look forward to this every year!

Not what I had planned for my weekend, but I am SO thankful that I am feeling better! Construction is more like DE-construction ~ nothing new to report...just a big ole' mess at this point! BUT!!! Tomorrow ~ Counter tops will be in!!!! 

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