Wednesday, November 19, 2014

This Girl ~

This may be one of my favorite pics of this sweet girl that I have ever taken.
She wanted to wear "twisty tails" and decided to put two different bows in her hair.
Having taught elementary school (she's in 4th grade...I taught 5th) I asked her, 
"Are you sure? It looks cute, but the girls might make fun of you." 
Just wanting to protect her sweet heart...
Her response,
"Mama, I don't care what they say about me! I like it and I am wearing them!" 
And she did. 
This strong willed beauty has caused me to cry many of tear when she would try me to my wits end...but what a BLESSING that she is so comfortable in being HERSELF and that she is not worried about what others think or say about her. 
I admire her sense of style, her confidence, and her quirky personality!
She is one of a kind for sure and I am BEYOND thankful that out of ALL the MILLIONS of little girls in the world...
I got the best one! 

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