Thursday, November 20, 2014

Week 45 ~ #dailydowdypic

Day 317 ~
GRAND day at the book fair! The kids were so excited to have Sooz come and eat lunch with them!
Day 318 ~
It must be true love ~
Jax wrote this in the TONS of dust from the construction ~
Day 320 ~
These two, Target, and Starbucks...
pretty much a perfect day!
Day 321 ~
I had two little people who were SO excited to get the leftover Christmas decorations to deck the halls at their tree house!!!
Day 322 ~
We moved to Sooz and Big's house for the week! Jax and I enjoyed sitting by the fire and watching TV while MD was at dance
Day 323~
Dalton surprised this little girl at school and took her to lunch!
I think it made her YEAR!
Day 324 ~
Checking MD's homework, grading anatomy tests, and reading essays ~
at least the hot chocolate part was fun! :)
And this happened ~
Which seems to be theme in my life right now!!!
We are camping out at Dalton's parents' house and we have so much junk it's not even funny!
I SO appreciate them letting us stay there! It's nice to have enough room to spread out and for everyone to have a bathroom!
We have enjoyed our time there, but I cannot WAIT to get back in my house and get everything put back in its place! My OCD is killing me! The kids and I are leaving for MS tomorrow ~ hopefully when I get back things will be done or almost done!

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