Thursday, November 20, 2014

Construction Week 5 ~

So ~ I THINK I survived the construction...but we are still not done and the last little parts sometimes can be the most aggravating and time consuming!
I am SO SO SO pleased with the floors though!!!
Entry way ~
Kitchen ~
Breakfast room  ~
which is my FAVORITE room!!!
Laundry room ~
The floors are prettier than I imagined! Not that I am bragging ~ I am just really pleased! I had some ugly 1990's tile that made my skin crawl for the last 6 years!!! Glad to see it GONE!!!
Left to do ~
Move furniture back in
Pick up cabinet doors
Paint cabinet doors and cabinets
Paint pantry
Here's to HOPING and PRAYING that Week 6 will be the magic week and ALL projects will be DONE!!!! :)

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