Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Busy Few Days ~

We have been enjoying our break from the hustle and bustle...but are still finding lots to keep us busy! :)
Today was a BIG day for us! We went with Dalton to close our purchase of the land where our cabin sits....we have been leasing it for the last 6 years and were waiting until Dr. Moore was ready to sell it ~ today it became ours! It has truly been a dream of Dalton's to own this beautiful piece of land and amazing pond so we had to tag along! My children LOVE being out and it is one of my favorite places to be, too! We are so super excited and look forward to making even more memories there!
After the closing ~ we went to Mellow Mushroom to celebrate!
Dalton headed back to work and the kids and I ran a few errands ~
up first was a trip to purchase Mary Dalton's hermit crab "Jingle" ~
Thanks Aunt Tasha and family!!!
In other news ~ it's been rainy, rainy, rainy here which means everyone is stuck inside!
I cleaned out the kids' rooms and the toy room and there has been lots of this...
They were getting restless and wild yesterday so I broke out the old home movies  ~
They love to watch these!
This was the first time Mary Dalton (17 months 1 day) met Jackson....
It went by SO fast but trust me, when I was tending to two babies...it did not seem fast! ha!
I can remember just trying to make it to nap time each day without losing my mind! :)
I am SO thankful God gave us our children so close together...they are SO close and I pray that they always will be!
I have gotten caught up on my reading and enjoyed lazy afternoons with coffee and candles...
my two favorites! I am trying to soak it ALL in because I know next week will be bring schedules, practices, lunches, projects, homework,etc...and I always start my official countdown to summer when we start back to school!
We are looking forward to celebrating NYE with friends and fireworks tomorrow night!

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