Sunday, December 28, 2014

Week 51 #dailydowdypic

Better late than never!
Day 351 ~
The kids skipped out on school to ATTEMPT to avoid germs...they stayed with Sooz and Marti Ann joined them! They took selfies with Razz! :)
Day 352 ~
I tried my hand at Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls and didn't burn the house down!
We delivered these to some of our sweet friends!
Day 353 ~
Dowdy Family Christmas ~
There are 12 children under 10 and two more on the way...this is the best we could do for a photo...and Jackson snatched his antlers off as soon we said, "Three" ~ because he is almost 9 and wearing antlers is not cool...
Day 354 ~
Cookies, Pjs and Christmas Lights
Day 355 ~
We started our Christmas break off by seeing Night of the Museum 3  ~
Day 356 ~
Nana and Pawpaw got to our house just in time for Christmas!
Day 366 ~
Merry Christmas Eve from The Dowdys!

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