Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fact or Fiction ~ Christmas Edition

Today was Mary Dalton's Christmas program with choir ~
(Jackson opted out of choir...he doesn't care for the dancing/hand moves...but I think he wished he would have done it today!)
She had the part of Mia ~ a shy that's a laugh!
She had a good many lines and a solo which is ROCKED!
We were so proud of her!
She character talked about how with God you ~ her solo was: "Never, ever have to be afraid. What God asks of me, He'll always make a way. I will choose to live by faith, it's a choice I have to make...when the Lord is by my side I can be brave. No I never, ever have to be afraid!"
Powerful words to say the least.
Big and Sooz were there and were pretty proud of our girl, too! :)
We are still praying for Jesus move in Mary Dalton's heart.  We know it will be soon and until then, she is storing up His truths there.

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