Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lights of the South, Presents, and St. Nick ~

Sunday night we made our annual trip to Lights of the South with The Millers! 

Before we left ~ Jackson gave Whitney Sue her gift. He was VERY straight forward that NOBODY else was to give anybody anything...but him. He wanted to be sure that she knew that the shotgun shell earrings and lotion were from him...and only him. 
WS LOVED her gift and she gave Jackson a hat that he has kept on since he opened it! :)
Ahhhhh.....young love! ;) 

Whitney gave Mary Dalton some precious earrings ~ MD will give WS her gift this weekend! 
We loaded up and headed to the lights!
Jax doesn't realize how lukcy he is that his "girlfriend" is my best friend's little girl and MD's best friend...this means she gets to be around us A LOT! I did steal a hug or two from him! 
After we ate, we got LOTS of hot chocolate and got ready for the hayride! 
It was COLD!!!
All bundled up and ready to go! 
After the hayride, we got to see Santa. Jackson said, "His breath was AWFUL! He needs a toothbrush!" ~ I am sure Santa will bring him lots of great gifts this year! ha! 
They enjoyed playing on the playground before we headed home ~ 
I am SO thankful that Mary Dalton has sweet girls to grow up with! 
Monday morning before school ~ MD discovered her shoes didn't fit! 
Lucky for her, I had some under the tree so they each got to open a present! Jackson got to pick his and he picked socks! He was very sweet about it, but trust me...the boy didn't want socks! ;) 
Mary Dalton got some new shoes to wear to school for PE! 
Great way to start a Monday! 
After dance last night, we went to Sweets with Santa at our school! We are VERY blessed to have the REAL Santa come to our school once a year for a couple of hours! He is so very busy so we appreciate him coming to see our kids! 
After the kids talked to Santa, Jackson said, 
"Mama! That IS the REAL SANTA! His breath didn't stink and it smelled like peppermints and crest white strips! I KNOW how his breath smells every year!" 
I've heard of a good old fashioned beard tug or patting to see if his belly is real, but smelling his breath??? A new one for sure! 

We are super busy but we are loving this season with our two who are growing up SO very fast!!! 

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